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Frequently Asked Questions

Goldgater, first presented at the Pretiosa Jewelry Fair in Vienna in September 2013, has embodied a synonym for high-quality state-of-the-art 3D visualization of jewelry until today.
With the Goldgater SmartViewer from 3DKOM, you receive a cost-effective and flexible solution to display jewelry pieces in real-time on webshops, websites, and also in stationary use at the POS.

The Goldgater SmartViewer is filled with digital twins of your jewelry models by our team. Subsequently, you receive the SmartViewer as a plug-in, which can be effortlessly integrated into your website/product page via iFrame or widget.

Currently, the Goldgater SmartViewer is freeware and thus available to our customers free of charge.
The use of the Goldgater SmartViewer is tied to the adoption of 3D model data, with a minimum of 10 models being required.
There is no recurring fee for its use. You pay once for model adoption and subsequently receive a fast and appealing 3D viewer for your jewelry models.

The process begins with your initiative: send images and specific data of your jewelry pieces to info@3dkom.de, for instance. We then extract and optimize the topology information to impressively and accurately present your pieces in 3D.

From subtle rotating animations in standard mode to real-time engraving in the special engraving mode: the SmartViewer has various modes (including Ringbox, Hand, Picture, Animation, NFT) that enrich your presentations in diverse ways and enable customer-oriented interactions.

The combination of visualization quality, range of functions, and uncomplicated use make the Goldgater SmartViewer unique. With a focus on emotional and physically correct visualization, the Goldgater SmartViewer offers a display quality that is often so convincing that screenshots of the jewelry piece often meet studio photography standards.

With regular updates, such as the recent implementation of real-time engraving and the switch to an efficient compression method to keep the data volume as small as possible, the SmartViewer continuously drives innovations forward.
And your wishes? Customizations and new functions can be realized with us at any time.

Whether you’re a goldsmith, jeweler, or manufacturer with your own models or designs – we look forward to every new collaboration! Start with a minimum order of 10 models and send your designs or ideas to info@3dkom.de.

We treat collaboration with our customers confidentially. However, we are happy to offer you the opportunity to convince yourself of the performance of the Goldgater SmartViewer through an individual test position. Contact us for further details at info@3dkom.de.

The Goldgater SmartViewer is designed to run smoothly on various platforms and in current browsers. No special software is needed for webshops and websites, as the SmartViewer is integrated via common iFrames or widgets. Thanks to its resource-saving and efficient programming, the Goldgater SmartViewer ensures optimal display, especially on your customers’ mobile devices. This opens up the opportunity to also stand out through an innovative presentation after a personal visit. For example, simply provide a link as a QR code to take home.

Protecting your data and models is our top priority. All data you send us is treated with strict confidentiality and used exclusively for creating and optimizing the 3D models. If desired, we are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement with you. In the Goldgater SmartViewer, you have the option to activate an additional security element using a special obfuscation function to better protect the online visible digital twins from unauthorized access. However, it should be noted that absolute security on the World Wide Web cannot generally be guaranteed.

We pride ourselves on our dedicated customer support. For technical challenges, questions about handling the SmartViewer, or other concerns, we are quickly available to you. Simply contact us by email at info@3dkom.de. If desired, we also create auxiliary programs to let your employees interact more effectively with the settings of the Goldgater software.

Absolutely, the Goldgater SmartViewer offers a dual control option: On one hand, it can be operated through the buttons visible in the viewer window, which can be adapted to your company’s CI specifications. On the other hand, the interface (API) allows the SmartViewer to be controlled directly from your website. For example, this could be realized by an additional button on your product page that sends a message to the SmartViewer’s API. This process is bidirectional, so your website can also wait for the execution of a command.

Customer Engagement in Real-Time

Captivating Customers with Real-Time Experiences

Utilizing real-time technology enables you to transform visitors of your website from passive observers to active participants in the experience. The Goldgater SmartViewer goes a step further than conventional visualization tools. It offers not only smooth and jerk-free motion around all axes but also a host of additional, innovative features.

Offer your customers the fascination of interacting with your jewelry pieces online. For example, by initiating a rotation with a finger movement. Or enable your customers to refine their preferred piece of jewelry in real-time with a personal engraving. Embrace new trends such as the world of Non-Fungible Tokens to create communities around your products.

While images, product videos, and turntable spins are tried-and-true methods to generate attention for your brand, the Goldgater SmartViewer expands this spectrum with modern and exciting functions that can delight your customers and create a sustainable, emotional connection.


Screenshot Goldgater SmartViewer

Enable Your Customers to Make More Confident Decisions!

Discover 4 Compelling Advantages of the Goldgater SmartViewer

►Customizable Individuality

The Goldgater SmartViewer stands out for its extensive customizability. From buttons to ring boxes - every element can be designed according to your preferences to create a unique user experience and authentically present your brand.

►Emotional Presentation

Presenting jewelry in a digital way demands creativity and technical expertise. The Goldgater SmartViewer maximizes emotional impact through optimized displays that fully exploit the potential of current technology and prominently showcase your jewelry piece.

►Multifunctional Display

The Goldgater SmartViewer offers more than just aesthetic visualizations. A variety of integrated special modes are available, which can be activated or deactivated as needed to optimally adapt the display to specific requirements and customer expectations.

►Blockchain Integration

The SmartViewer provides the ability to generate exclusive 3D Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) from selected individual pieces or limited series. In this way, you not only give your jewelry piece a unique digital identity but also bestow upon it an innovative added value.

↑↑↑ Active SmartViewer with Goldgater Model “Zchat“ and a One Carat Center Stone ↑↑↑

“ The open-source engine is the world's most advanced WebGL game engine. Use it to program anything from simple 2D games to advanced 3D graphics simulations. ”
“ The engine comes with a tiny footprint that loads and executes incredibly quickly. Therefore it gives incredible performance, even on devices such as the iPhone 4S. ”
“ The engine is open sourced on GitHub under MIT. All written in standards-compliant, cross-platform HTML5 for every major browser and device. ”

Goldgater SmartViewer

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